The movie crash which was produced in 2004 is about how the different stereotypes of races, racial issues and portrays how everyone is guiltless, we are all victims and offenders of cultural bias. The movie further highlights no one is innocent of cultural prejudice. Crash is a good example for racism in movies, whereby they show the African Americans are portrayed as drug dealers and car steals as will with the Hispanic community, Arabs as terrorists, and the whites as saints. This concept is commonly portrayed in the media around the world.

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In Australia consist of different ethnic groups just like Malaysia. Discrimination in Australia started and continues since white people arrived in Australia whereby they find it hard to understand Aboriginal culture. Aboriginal people continue  to feel misunderstood by white Australian politics, they claim that many legislative acts reflect a white point of view. (Racial Discrimination In Australia, 2009) However sad to say, discrimination in Australia for Aboriginal people is not only portray in politics but also in their media, whereby the Australian media favour white faces in their medium.

The aboriginal people who are actually the original Australians are often racially abused and neglected in the media as well as real life. The non-white Australians are referred as “Anglo” and when they try to be in the media, they are normally associated with negativity, similarly seen in the movie Crash, only difference is Crash is in the United States and this is in Australia. For example, portrayals of Aboriginal people are being primitive, violent and devious.

Against the odds, in the 1980s and 1990s, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) made real effort to improve the portrayals of Aboriginal people in its television dramas SpiritBay, The Beachcombers, North of 60 and The Rez used Native actors to portray their own people living real lives and earning believable livelihood in identifiable parts of the country. (Common Portrayal of Aboriginal People, N.D)

As seen above, few efforts has been done to change the situation in the media, however personally I think for a better future parents should teach their children from a young age that not to stereotype different ethnic groups or races based on the portrayal of the media, be it in the television of magazines. To add on, regulators in prominent media channels in Australia and across the globe should ensure that anything portrayed in the media are a TRUE REFLECTION of the society, whereby there should be a mix of characters.


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