Emerging Issues and Media Content has definitely thought me more than I expected, especially this weekly blogs done indirectly makes sure that students are up to date what they are expected to read on and at the same time reading additional journals on the related subject before analysing and writing my analysis and understanding on the related topic.

I would definitely recommend my juniors to take this subject, cause it opens up our knowledge on the issues that are happening around us, and that’s when you realise so much more than you used to. No doubt knowledge is power, however, this knowledge on the topics we learned about in this subject is relevant to our degree.

Adding on the experience I have had on this subject is that I must say that, I would not have found this subject as interesting as how I do currently if our lecturer Miss Rohayu did not lecture this subject, she had a unique manner of lecturing us which comes along with allot of questions, Apart from that, she uses videos, audio’s and power point slides to lecture us on this subject which made the learning process.

Personally, I think “Pinkwashing” was the most interesting topic for me, this is because it showered me how greedy humans can be for money and power, and how big companies instead of setting an example to other smaller companies and people, take advantage of marketing to gain profit for their own self reasons while people out there are battling cancer. I would not have understood this concept if not for this subject and the extra readings done on these topics.

Over all, I would like to thank Miss Rohayu again for making this subject interesting and also ensuring we understand what she thought us in class. Apart from that, I would again say that I encourage the juniors to do this subject so that it would be a door opener for them to analyse the happenings around them and grow mentally.





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