In 1999, Malaysiakini was launched to become the first and most influential online news portal in Malaysia since. Due to the increase demand and to provide variety of news, Malaysiakini launched a project in October 2008 to train citizens to become journalist, hence, making ‘citizen journalism’. Since 2008, in the age of citizen journalism, it […]

Every year, Breast Cancer Awareness Month draws mixed emotions. All those walks, runs and pink ribbons raise a large amount of dollars for charity. However, most of the time just like any other scam where the “donation” does not go to  it should go. There is less transparency in what the money is used for. […]

The proposal focuses on self – regulation based generally on the Consent Code which provides an insight for analyzing the development of Malaysian legislation, cyber politics and implementation and practices of Malaysian media players. Self – regulation is practised in  harmonizing digital intellectual property, market power, content values and culture diversity. As for what should be regulated in journalism, the […]